Isle of Shapinsay

Finally, my last Orkney post! I can not deny that Orkney left a mark on my heart…

Sincerely, Shapinsay was the small Orcadian islands that less impress me, is not a wild land as Hoy or Westray’s, and it hasn’t an abrupt relief. However, two things impress me: the extremely peace and beauty of Balfour (the main settlement) and the brightness of its grasslands and crops.

Awesome house at Balfour

Awesome buildings at Balfour

Crops, grasslands and the Mill Dam RSPB Reserve

Crops, grasslands and the Mill Dam RSPB Reserve

However, as I said previously what more impressed me of Shapinsay was the loneliness, but it wasn’t a terrifying, disturbing solitude like in Hoy, it was a peace and calm solitude with the sounds of the gees overhead, of a tractor in a crop, of the water splashing by the seals, of the slow activity in Balfour…





Bye Orkney! I hope I might visit you soon and know all about you, your history, all your secret corners and enjoy the kindness of your people!

2 thoughts on “Isle of Shapinsay

    • Thank you Terri! It’s a shame for me too, but probably next summer I’ll come back and I’ll visit the other islands… And in replying of your question, yes, I got a favourite place undoubtedly and it was the Rackwick Bay on Isle of Hoy. It’s simply perfect, with all the components: sand beaches, spectacular cliffs, hills and peace and loneliness. Kind regards, Àngel

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