Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Finally I focused one of my posts in a different latitude! I accept I’ve a little obsession with islands. However, does exist a such far-off place  than a piece of land surrounded by the sea?

Cocos (Keeling) Islands (not be confused with Coco Islands, near Burma shores) consists of two atolls and 27 coral islands, of wich only 2 are inhabited. The highest point is only 5 m over the sea, so these islands might be buried by the ocean in the next decades if the global warming forecasts met.

Cocos Keeling Islands on the map

Cocos Keeling Islands on the map

Despite his isolation, it belongs to Australia since 1955. These are the typical tropical islands we see on TV with white sand beaches, clear sea water, coconuts, dense forests…

One small Coco Keeling Island

One small Coco Keeling Island

The 600 islanders are split in two ethnic groups: the Europeans in the West Island, and the Malays on Home Island. The Coco Malays are originated from the descendants of Malay settlers from the British colonies of Brisitsh Malays, Singapore, Brunei and the Riau Archipelago, who arrived and settled at 1826.

Blue thongues (

Blue thongues (

For most of the population it will be the heaven of relax and warm, but they must know that the cost of living here is really expensive (they import almost goods). Also to arrive there you will need 1300 AUD $ per person for the flight tickets between Perth (Australia) and the Islands, and we must add the flight ticket from home to Australia too!

Places like that are on my far-off places agenda, but in a secondly term. I need more roughness, inclement, extremes, cold, ice…

Enjoy the video and never stop dreaming!

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