Today we’ll move to another Far-off place (as usual), but it’ll be also an “extremely extreme” site, you’ll see…

Yakutsk on the map

Yakutsk on the map

Yakutsk, the colder of the coldest human settlements in the world! Is the main city of Sakha Republic, only 450km under Arctic Circle and with (surprisingly) a population of nearly 270,000! Despite being founded in 1632, did not grow as a city until 1880 decades, when it was discovered a large reserves of gold.

Yakutsk has the coldest city World Record, with a registered minimum temperature of -64.4ºC (-83.9ºF)! Besides this terrible cold it’s a extremely isolated city, only accessible all the year (when the weather allows) by plane. In winter it’s possible to come across the iced Lena river with car, and in mid summer by boat. In summer the upper layers of permafrost smelt and the roads are unworkable.

Road in summer (www.ssqq.com)

Road in summer (www.ssqq.com)

I found this awesome city watching a TV documentary. They commented that in winter the weather is so cold that people could die in the street simply waiting the bus or been trapped with the car broken down. What the hell??? And in summer temperatures can easily reach 30ºC, so they have a 90ºC variation between winter and summer! Though these horrible events and factors, Yakutsk is on the first places in my personal Far-off World places agenda I’d like to visit soon.

Enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “Yakutsk

  1. It’s going to be a huge challenge for you. I’ve never been in Yakutsk but I visited a lot of places in Siberia. In the winter time you have to be prepared for many things to survive. Anyway it is nice part of the world. You definitely will have fun. Good luck.

  2. I have no idea if you know Russian (language). But it is really helpful and important information for you in your Yakutsk trip. This is the link to professional russian photographer’s blog who specializing in far north photography. In that particular post he provides with some of very important advices to photograph in the far north conditions at winter time. Possibly you have that experience and you don’t need these suggestions. However, I would like you to enjoy your journey to Yakutia and bring back from it a lot of interesting pictures. Have a nice trip!

    The link: http://fujifilmru.livejournal.com/23305.html

    • Woww!! I’ve taken a look in his blog, is just amazing! What an envy…! My level of Russian is null, but I’ll enjoy his impressive pictures, and I’ll learn a lot. I’ve not fixed a date yet, probably next autumn, I’ll let you know! Thanks and best wishes lautal! Àngel

      • Hi, Angel. I can give you a brief review of this post. Might be you can use some parts of this photographer experience. Just let me know if you are interested in that and where can I send message. I am not sure it is really convenient to write down in that small window. Best Regards, Alex.

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