Today I’ll present the most special far-off place for me, Svalbard…

Svalbard on the map

Svalbard on the map

Svalbard is an archipelago situated at the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. The only island inhabited is Spitzbergen with only two permanent settlements, Longyearbyen (the main town) and Barentsburg. And why is so special? Well, Svalbard is the northernmost human permanent settlement in the world. Due to their latitude, all the islands are covered by ice and snow all the year, except the coast line. Its inland are plenty of mountains forming a rough and steep relief, the paradise for mountain skiers, alpinists, ice climbers…

Longyearbyen with a population of 2,000 inhabitants is the main town, with all the services of a big community concentrated on a small town. Also is the site where is placed the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which contains over 20 million from approximately 1/3 of the world’s most important food crop seeds variety, and the UNIS (The University Centre in Svalbard), an important Scientific research point in biology, geophysics, geology and civil engineering.

The other settlement is Barentsburg, an extremely sad and lifeless town, with only 400 inhabitants which live in poor conditions working in mining. Despite of belonging to Norway, Barentsburg is a Russian town.

However, what stand out from these islands are their incredible flora, fauna and inland landscapes…

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Being honest, Svalbard is the first in my Far-off places Agenda so I’ll be there really soon! Enjoy the videos!

17 thoughts on “Svalbard

  1. AMAZING shots! We’re planning a trip up there in October. I have so many questions what to do up there and if there will be snow etc.. I’d be very happy if you could get back to me to answer some questions! 🙂 Greetings !

    • Hi Evez! Thanks for visit my blog! I must advise you that I’ve never been in Svalbard, I’ve only visit it “online”… However, I’m an “specialist” on Svalbard so I’ll reply all the questions I know! Best wishes, Àngel

    • Thank’s Dina! Have you ever been there? Norwegians are so lucky, you have one of the most awe-inspiring places of the world (also Lofoten…). Best wishes, Àngel

  2. This place is just incredible! I can’t wait to go back! I am currently looking at opportunities to move over there… it is just my perfect society!

    • I’m also crazy with Svalbard and I’ve never been there…! I’m also looking for PhD opportunities in The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) to move there in 1 year when I’ll have finished my MSc degree. For the moment I must learn Norwegian. Are there job opportunities? If you come back let me know! I wish we can meet one day in Longyearbyen and take a pint! Best wishes, and keep me informed! Àngel

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