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This is my Home…

I’m Àngel, born 25 years ago in Catalunya (between France and Spain) although I’ve rooted myself in Scotland. My life turns around nature, mathematics (above all statistics) and travelling, despite having other hobbies: read, beering with friends, alpinism, rugby, write, blogging…

As you can see in the pictures atop I’ve lived all my life (except my university seasons) in a roughness place, surrounded by mountains, dense subalpine woodlands and alpine grasslands. Far from being tired of these landscapes, as I’ve been growing I fell in love more and more, and I started my own journey to the exploration of the Far-off World.

At the Why? section you can find the reasons for why I started this large journey. Be free for share or comment my posts and above all enjoy it!

How faraway are you ready to go?

How faraway are you ready to go?

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. So nice to ‘meet’ you, Angel! You’ve got a wonderful eye for unique beauty and landscapes! I use a lot of photography on my blog – if every you’d like to submit some of your work to be featured, feel free to get in touch by using one of the methods on my “Contact Me” page. I’ve had a lovely time perusing your blog….looking forward to more!

    • NIce to ‘meet’ you too Anne, and thanks for your compliments! I’m pleased to be a new follower of your wonderful and special blog, let’s stay in touch! Best wishes, Ångel

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