Falkland Islands

Tonight, as always, I’ve dreamed with which can be my next life station, our World is so big… Home to many fantastic places… I’m young, I’ve plenty of time, I know, but I’m anxious. I need to move continuously, I need to look for the place to setter, slowly but surely.

One of these can be Falkland Islands a far-off place ever in dispute. This archipelago is situated only 500km (300 mi) east from the South American shores, specifically, Argentine coasts and really close to Antarctica. Despite this nearness, Falkland Islands belongs to UK. Yes, it seems to be stupid: these are the geopolitics rules…

Its landscapes looks like Scottish: vast grasslands, with a smooth profile and dotted here and there by sheeps. However, in Scotland there are strong constrasts along the northern and the southern landscapes.

Its main city is Stanley with only 2100 inhabitants, characterized as other extreme-weather islands by its colorful houses. I guess it maybe a way to fight with the greyness of its days.

Falkland has a high Biodiversity, above all in marine and bird species. So it’s one of the largest and most important no-human-pression place in the world as reveal some reports .

Are you ready to stay in an only 0.26/km^2-land? Only in somewhere like Falkland you can find yourself…

Next post we are going to a really far-off landscape in Asia. Enjoy it!