Føroyar (Feroe Islands)

Every time I hear the name Feroe, I feel chills through my body. I’ve never seen a most mysterious place in the world. Always surrounded by clouds and fog, cherised by cold winds, a site where nature rules…

Føroyar, a 18 island archipelago, halfway between Scotland, Iceland and Norway. With a smooth profile, and covered all by a bright green, it has the smallest capital city of the world, Tórshavn (about 18,000), and also the most colorful.

I think Føroyar it’s the place for simply contemplation: the pass of time, the come and go of clouds, the flight of puffins (see photo below) or sheep’s grazing. Moreover is ideal for miss running, biking or walking in its infinite grasslands.

Finally, today I leave 3 videos: first general from Føroyar, second of Tórshavn and last from Mykines, the most isolated and western island from the archipelago. Enjoy it!