Coire Odhar & Rannoch Moor

This video and words will seem familiar for a great deal of you: It’s shite being Scottish!

Coire Odhar, the highest railway station in the UK, a station situated near Loch Ossian and Loch Treig, surrounded by the loneliness. Far from human settlements and services, only brings at his visitors a restaurant and the remotest youth hostel.

Although the role character of this post is Rannoch Moor. I think the word that best fits itself is bleakness despite not being the most isolated valley of the world. It may be its apparently lack of life: there aren’t dense woodlands nor settlements nor roads, and the brown of its brushwoods is at least disturbing.

In my Scottish adventure last autumn I wasn’t able to visit Rannoch Moor and now I feel anger. In the next chance I must take a walk trough it. I admit that I feel an extremely attraction with these kind of landscapes and I don’t know why. Daily I’ m more confident that I must have to born above the Arctic Circle.

To conclude, a short but excellent video that shows the solitude of the Moor. Enjoy it!