I’m not a proficient in Japan and Japanese culture but a few weeks ago, thanks to a spectacular video about mountain skiing produced by the well-known Canadian Arc’teryx company, I’ve discovered the northernmost Japanese prefecture, the isle of Hokkaidō.

Hokkaidō on the map

Hokkaidō on the map

As I’ve said previously I’m not a freaky of Japanese culture, and sincerely I’ve never paid attention to these wee bit of land. However, I’ve the impression that, like the entire Japan, Hokkaidō is plenty of contrast between big cities and mountains, between the deafening noise of the biggest cities and the rest and silence of the Buddhist temples, between the all-colours lights in the centre of Sapporo and the darkness of the dense woodlands…

One of the most interesting points about Hokkaidō is their huge snowfalls. In fact is one of the places in the world where more snow: the snow can raise 10m high in some parts of the island!

Due to the greatness and magnificence of Hokkaidō, I’ll spend 2 or 3 posts more to explore this amazing piece of land.

It’s all for the moment. I let you the video responsible of my craziness with Hokkaidō. I think is the most inspiring video I’ve never seen. (The best part of the video starts at minute 5:30 and play it with fullscreen). Enjoy it!