Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia

Or Алтай Таван богд байгалийн цогцолбор газар in Mongolian language. This country was officialy born in 12th. century from the hand of Esugey Baatar well known as Gengis Khan.

He was a ruthless and terrible warrior, but his ambition led him to form the largest contiguous land empire of our history, the Mongol Empire.

Nowadays, Mongolia is one of the largest and unoccupied countries in the world: 1,500,000 km^2 and only 1.81/km^2, formally is the 6th country with less population!

But today we’ll talk about Altai Tavan Bogd (in other post we could talk more about Mongolia culture & traditions). It’s situated in the border with Russia, China and Kazakhstan. It’s home of the highest Mongolian mountains, three large lakes and one glacier, the Potanini.

Probably is the ruggest place I’ve ever met. Infinite steppes and mountain grasslands, snowy rocky mountains, semi-arid and desert valleys… All at 180km of Olgii, the nearest city.

These lonely valleys are only habited by local fauna and Mongolian nomads, living in her typical homes, named Yurt. You imagine living in a place like that, at mercy of the weather and nature?

Obviously, it will be the heaven for somebody who is looking for peace, extreme conditions, lonely or simply enjoy a really far-off place…

Enjoy it!