South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are probably the loneliest place I’ve posted for the moment. This archipelago are situated halfway between Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, but it belongs to UK. There isn’t native population, the only inhabitants are the British Government Officer, Deputy Postmaster, and some staff.

South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands

There is only one settlement, The King Edward Point, with an extremely gloomy air.

For the tourists South Georgia is only accessible by sea, normally with cruise ships. There isn’t medical facilities, nor emergency or rescue services nor accommodation. If you’d like to spent some days in the islands you must fill in an application in the South Georgia Government web.

Though the most incredible is its wild nature and its impressive falls, I’ve never seen before such an steepest relief, with a couple of peaks that raises above 2500m. Their valleys are plenty of ice, glaciers, sharp crests and loneliness.

South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands could be in my top-3 far-off places agenda. However, I know that I must need a fortune to get there. I’d like to join in a scientific group and find out about something related to oceanography, arctic ecology or glaciology; or maybe spent a couple of months exploring all the islands with my skis and a pair of colleagues, sleeping on tents, eating from the sea and being the first to climb some of their peaks…

For the moment I’ll continue training and dreaming, for the nonce it’s free…!

In this occasion there aren’t many good videos on youtube. I guess that SGSSI are not the typical crammed place… Enjoy it!