When I was a kid I spent countless hours in front of the globe that my grandfather gave me. I ever looked for the remotest islands, the smallest, the coldest, the hottest; the towns near the driest deserts, near the highest mountains, near the poles. However, I have felt a special attraction to the colder lands and islands of the earth, where snow, ice and chilly winds are the role characters.

Today, internet has made things easier. I am still looking for the remote places in the world with the aid of Google Earth & Google Maps. Then I search much information as possible with blogs and forums and, in the end, I enjoy with the pictures and videos in Flickr and Youtube.

For the moment I can afford to travel through all places I have in my far-off places agenda, so I have to settle for keep dreaming.

I really enjoy to share with you my passion and my knowledge about the remote world.


cap al cel

6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Thanks for the visit to my humble bog in Asia ­čÖé I’m a little pressed for time now but I’ll be back to look around some more.

    Keep trekking!


  2. Love it…the pics are stunning…there are so many places of beauty…so often we get caught in the city life and forget that we come the earth.

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